Key Tips to Follow After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Surgery is often a sign for a new beginning. It’s a time where change is taken a step further than normal but often the outcome can be priceless. Gastric Sleeve surgery is a prime example of this. Gastric Sleeve surgery is a step toward allowing individuals the opportunity live a healthy lifestyle and comes with a variety of health benefits(See this list from SmartShape). It’s the opportunity to knock weight off, keep it off, and build a brand new image to wake up to every single day. It also means a harsh set of do’s and don’ts that one should follow once the surgery is complete and you have been discharged.

Here is a list of things to take into consideration once you have this procedure done:

Continue with your prescribed diet

Your stomach needs time to recovery and adjust from this surgery. Even though it has likely been anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months since your surgery, you still want to maintain the prescribed diet that your doctor has given you. That is soft, pureed food. However by this time most doctors should begin allowing you to eat solids that are soft such as ground meat, soft fruits, cooked vegetables. While this diet may not be your cup of tea, don't worry! In another 8 weeks, you should be allowed to eat more solid foods.

Don't go crazy on workouts just yet

While you may be feeling great about your new weight level and are ready to go maintaining your shape, you don't want to go too hard with the exercises. At this point, you can do more than walking but you want to limit your acitvity to low-impact aerobic exercises. Swimming is often the recommended exercise to do at this point as it is easy on the joints.

Keep in touch with the doctor

There will be a list of precautions that you need to keep an eye out for. These will all be signs of complications that could be due to the surgery. It’s important that you keep in regular touch with the doctor, keep him informed, and let him know any questions or concerns you may have. At this point, you should not be experiencing much pain, if any at all. If you experience any pain, make sure you let your doctor know.

Create healthy routines

This is the perfect time to develop new routines that are healthy and will contribute toward the health style you want to live. While your diet and exercise options are limited, you should keep positive and take this opportunity to create diet plans and an activity routine. That way you get into the habit early and when you get the green light to eat solid foods and do more rigousis exercises, you'll be ready!

A New Beginning

Consider this surgery a new beginning. It’s like taking a giant leap toward change, but keep in mind that this change needs continued efforts once it’s put in motion. Having a healthy routine of exercise and diet is something that will come from personal empowerment and motivation.

It’s never to late to turn your life into exactly what you want it to be. This is your opportunity and make sure you make the most of it!