5 Adverse Effects of Obesity And How Gastric Balloon Surgery is a Life Changer?

By Haylee Bail 2016-05-22 00:00:00

If you are fat or ever had a fat friend in school, you can recall that the worst thing an obese person has to go through is the way people behave with them. Obesity not only poses serious life threatening situations but also makes us socially dull and hesitant to explore ourselves due to low self esteem.

Although there are numerous health related issues associated with obesity, here are the five you should watch out for the most:

Effects On The Heart:

The effects of obesity on the human heart are one of the most researched things in the medical history. Obesity indeed poses a threat to the heart in the sense that the excess of fat tissues in the body require oxygen to stay alive. That much needed oxygen demand for those fat tissues is fulfilled by the heart forcing it to pump extra oxygen-rich blood and recruit new arteries. Fat not only gets accumulated under your skin but also in the arteries, making them stiff and narrow for the blood to pass.

A consequence of the artery blockage is elevated blood pressure. Blood pressure is exactly the force that the blood exerts on the walls of the arteries as they keep pumping blood.  


As strange as it may sound, overweight women have a harder time getting pregnant according to a recent study conducted on 300 women that happened to be obese. The study provided some shocking evidences that concluded that over 80 percent of those women developed a condition called polycystic ovarian disease. The condition comes associated with infertility issues over a three year period.

Effects On The Lungs:

It is not just the arteries in the heart that face the ultimate threat from excess fat in your body. The lungs suffer a great deal in the presence of excess fats as the overwhelming amounts of adipose tissue affects their overall air capacity. Sounded very bad, isn’t it?


Obesity is considered as a leading cause for type-2 diabetes in people.  It is so much responsible that the experts have even coined the term “Diabesity” to explain the situation. It is very shocking to hear that about 90% of people who have type-2 diabetes are either overweight or obese. Diabetic is a life-threatening situation, and requires peak intentness to continue living a healthy life.


People who are obese are often socially neglected and feel ashamed while hanging out with their loved ones. Obesity is one leading cause of depression in teenagers according to recent surveys. It is also observed that the obese teens become socially inactive and introvert, which hampers their experience of life. 

Gastric Balloon Surgery: The Difference Maker

Gastric Balloon surgery has been a big breakthrough in the medical fields as far as weight loss methods are concerned. The best part is that the method is completely non-surgical.

The prime focus of this method is quite simple. An endoscope is used to put a gastric balloon in the stomach. Once the balloon gets inflated, it fills up the portion of the stomach limiting the amount to which the person can eat. The simple logic leads to some extra-ordinary results. After the procedure is found to be successful, the balloon is de-inflated and removed with the help of an endoscope.

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5 Adverse Effects of Obesity And How Gastric Balloon Surgery is a Life Changer?

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