Are You Doing Your Part For The Environment? Say No to Plastic Bags. Reusable Bags to The Rescue!

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Let’s face it. We all want to do our part to save the environment and protect Mother Earth, but never get around to it. That tree that you’ve always wanted to plant? No, you didn’t do it yet. Ever taken the public transport instead of your car? Nope. Not once.

Most of us have always wanted to make a change and go green, but never actually taken an action because of our hectic day-to-day schedules. Though all it takes to make a change is a few minutes, it’s always something that gets postponed to the point where we never do it.

However, using reusable shopping bags are the one thing that we can all do. Though it sounds too simple and too easy and doesn’t really look like something planet-saving, the fact is that if one person starts using reusable cloth bags instead of plastic bags, it could result in saving around 25000 plastic bags in an average person’s lifetime. One plastic bag can take around 1000 years to biodegrade, so you’re essentially doing a lot more than you can even imagine.

Since plastic take a really long time to biodegrade, it is causing a lot of adverse effects on our environment. We are all facing the effects of global warming and know all about the depleting ozone layer. Contributing to something that is damaging the very place of our race’s existence is not acceptable at all, especially when the ideal way is too easy to adopt.

Also, the cost of recycling plastic bags outweighs its value, leaving only a very small percentage to be recycled while the rest are sent out as trash. This plastic, being lightweight, sometimes tends to fly and settle in trees or beaches. Birds and sea animals consume this plastic and die because ingesting plastic blocks their digestive tract, causing them to starve to death. These poor animals get confused and take the floating bags to be edible food and consume it, leading to their own doom. Also, cleaning these coastal areas and taking out the litter costs the government a huge amount.

It’s shocking to see that something as small as using a plastic bag every time you shop can cause destruction in so many ways. But that’s the hard truth. Using plastic affects our planet significantly.

Reusable shopping bags from companies came as a solution to our plastic consumption problem. The concept of ‘Bags for Life’ is also getting popular, reducing the number of bags used by a person considerably. Since these bags can be used over and over again, it also makes sense economically to use them.

Nowadays, reusable bags are made trendy and stylish and coming with all kinds of designs and patterns. This was done to promote their use, with the hopes that making it attractive would increase the number of users.

Reusable bags save plants, animals, our ozone layer and ultimately our planet. Appealing to the selfish trait of human beings, buying a reusable bag and using it regularly cuts down the cost of buying a plastic bag every time you shop and this results in cost-savings in your budget as well. If switching to reusable bags can reap so many benefits and save us and our future generations, then let’s ensure that we do our part and bid goodbye to plastic bags.



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Are You Doing Your Part For The Environment? Say No to Plastic Bags. Reusable Bags to The Rescue!

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