Encouraging Revelations About Vaping

By Jon Henry 2017-05-24 00:00:00

Vaping, also known as vaporizers or electronic cigarettes, has swept the market as an alternative method of consuming tobacco and marijuana. Technically the act of inhaling vapor produced from “e-liquid” or ground flower, the method produces no burns or ash, and minimize the smell and bad breath associated with smokers. Relatively unfamiliar to most only a few years ago, vapes and e-cigs of all kinds are available from many retailers. Considered a tobacco harm-reduction tool, many smokers use vaporizers to reduce the impact traditional cigarettes have on their health. Smoking cigarettes is highly associated with developing lung and heart disease, with vaporizers theoretically cutting out this risk. Nicotine brings its own risks, known to be highly addictive and causing increased blood pressure, vaporizers provide adults with a way to continue enjoying their nicotine fix at a reduced risk.

Let's Clear Up a Few Things...
Many people have been falsely convinced that vaping is just as harmful to your health as smoking. This belief, perpetuated by the news cycle, ignores research findings that vaping is 95% safer than inhaling hot smoke. When switching to a vape from consuming cigarettes, consumers are bound to save a bundle. Each cigarette purchase leads to another, while vaporizers can provide months or even years of use. Although vaporizers and e-cigs do require some up-keep, they may only require a minor replacement once a week costing the same as one day’s worth of traditional cigarette purchases. Vaping involves atomizing a liquid consisting of a form of vegetable glycerin mixed with varying levels of active nicotine or THC and food flavoring.

An Alternative Way to Roll:
Many people use vaping to wean themselves off smoking, maintaining their buzz without the same harmful effects. Others see vaporizers as a discrete way of enjoying their favorite buzz, with the added option of choosing fun flavors or concentration levels. Vaping is also seen as more socially acceptable than smoking cigarettes, producing a shorter lasting and less invasive smell. Comparisons are made between switching to vaping and trading in your old clunker phone for a smart phone. While it is not considered to be wholly safe, people report feeling significantly healthier when switching over to vaping. There are many kinds of vaporizers, hosting a long list of different features and capabilities. There are useful references available if you visit the DashVapes website.

Staying Informed:
An anti-vaping movement has been exposed a movement spreading negative and false information about what it means to vaporize and the effects on your body. While it’s important to inform yourself before ingesting any recreational drug, keep in mind to carefully consider sources and critically analyze any information you are given. Vaporizing is a villainized practice, offering a solution to humanity’s smoking habit.

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Encouraging Revelations About Vaping

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