Eyelash Tinting: What is it and it’s Pros & Cons

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Women and eye makeup go hand in hand. From applying eyeliners and mascara, we have come a long way in what we do to make our eyes look prettier. We have eyelash curlers, eyebrow and eyelash extensions and what not. We spend a lot of money, time and effort in perfecting the look of our eyes and the search for anything that can add more beauty to our eyes is never-ending.

Another new technique which is now the buzz in eye makeup is eyelash tinting.

What is eyelash tinting?

If you dislike the colour of your eyelashes because they make you look pale, then this is the right thing for you. Eyelash tinting is basically dyeing your eyelashes in the colour of your choice to make it look bolder and more beautiful.

There are two sides to every story and it is always better to know all the pros and cons of any new technique before actually getting it done. So here are some pros and cons of eyelash tinting to help you make your decision.

Pros of eyelash tinting:

1. No Mascara for a few weeks

Okay, all girls love mascara and the way it enhances their eyelashes. But more often than not, mascara tends to form clumps in the corner of the eyes, giving us a witchy look.  Also, your daily eye makeup routine has become a little shorter because your eyelashes are now low maintenance, thanks to eyelash tinting!

2. Wide range of colours to choose from

Surprisingly, eyelash tinting comes in 45 different shades. 45! We can now choose the right shade that suits us and get that done. We don’t have to worry about choosing a colour that will make us look weird or stupid, but can actually get one that matches our skin tone and the look we want for ourselves. Sugarlash offers a wide range of colour eyelashes and a variety of other eyelash accessories at very reasonable rates. Have a look there for more information.

3. Waterproof

This one is a huge advantage. Washing our faces makes the mascara smear all over, truly making us look hideous. Waterproof means we get to splash water on our tired faces anytime without any worries.

4. Lasts upto 6-8 weeks

Unlike other routines like eyelash extensions which last only for a few days or upto a maximum of one week, eyelash tinting lasts for about 6-8 weeks with even minimal care.

5. Vegetable based dye

The dye that is used to colour our eyelashes are made out of vegetables and contain very few chemicals. This ensures that the person getting the treatment doesn’t develop allergic reactions. 

Cons of eyelash tinting:

1. Still slightly risky

Though the dye is made out of vegetables, there is still a small percentage of risk. People with extremely sensitive skin can sometimes have allergic reactions.

2. Choosing the right colour is difficult

There are 45 shades and how do you find out which one is the perfect one for you? It’s a long, tedious process. If you don’t choose the right colour, you will end up looking different and sometimes, even funny.

3. Expensive

This treatment is pricy and given it lasts only for about a month or two, not everyone can afford it that often. It can be a good solution if you want to go on a summer vacation without having to worry about messy eyes, but it is definitely not a permanent solution. 

Eyelash tinting is done and liked by a lot of people who think it is worth it. The cons are lesser compared to all the pros and the best way to know for sure if it works for you, is to try it. Given the number of positive responses, the chances of disappointment is extremely thin.

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Eyelash Tinting: What is it and it’s Pros & Cons

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