How Indoor Navigation System can Benefit Medical Facilities

By Haylee Bail 2016-03-23 00:00:00

Signage for an hospital by Jarek Kowalczyk and Studio Fuerte

In today’s world, companies and businesses are competing fiercely to gain more popularity and profits which can only be achieved through customer satisfaction. Customers are likely to visit again if they are provided with great services and easy solutions. It is due to this reason that companies are ready to invest a huge amount on infrastructure and on technologies that can cater to their need and help gain profits.

Hospitals, nowadays, compete in order to provide the best of facilities to their patients. Apart from having a good team of skilled doctor’s patients also expect the hospitals to provide them with best of infrastructure and in house facilities. Hospitals can sometime be a complex environment, with long and confusing corridors, hallways and the huge number of consultation rooms can sometime cause undue confusion and anxiety to the patients.

This blog post is about how the Hospitals and Health care facilities benefit from the use of indoor navigation technologies such as this one provided by JibeStream and with mobile phone being omnipresent such technologies can be easily installed and presented to the users.

These technologies would not only help the hospital staff by making the workflow more efficient but even be of great help to the patients and the visitors.


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How Indoor Navigation System can Benefit Medical Facilities

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