Why Medical Scrubs Are Absolutely Necessary?

By Haylee Bail 2016-09-20 00:00:00

All of us have been to hospitals and most of us have wondered why doctors and nurses wear scrubs. We then assumed that it was for distinguishing the hospital staff from the common people. Though this is one of the main reasons for doctors and nurses wearing scrubs, medical scrubs have much more important reasons for their existence.

Scrubs came into existence in the 1970s when healthcare facilities realized the need for a common uniform for its staff. The scrubs were then made in different colours according to the different departments of the doctors and the nurses for easy identification.

Some of the primary reasons why medical scrubs are necessary are:

1. To Tell Us Who The Doctors And Nurses Are

Imagine if nobody wore scrubs and your friend just started seizing. You run out to bring help and look at all the people around frantically. How will you even know who the doctors and nurses are? Medical scrubs help patients and their families recognize who’s who in the hospitals so that you can approach them for assistance or aid. Also, with the different colours signifying different departments, it is easy to find the doctor of the particular expertise.

2. Protection Against Bacteria

Medical Scrubs can fight against bacteria and germs, protecting the nurses and doctors who are constantly exposed to such contaminants. The material or the fabric that is used to make these scrubs are resistant to bacteria and in this way, the protect those wearing it from falling sick.

3. Easy Maintenance

In all professions, looking professional is of utmost importance. However, the same is not the case with the medical field. In healthcare facilities, the staff work under different conditions and they don’t have the time to worry about their clothing. Medical scrubs are easy to maintain because they don’t have to be ironed.

4. Cleaned With Extreme Care

Scrubs are cleaned by the hospital after one use. The washing is done in a high powered washing machine and it is done using powerful chemicals. The medical scrubs are also washed under high temperatures to kill all the bacteria and other contaminants.

Washing regular clothes under these conditions can ruin them. However, scrubs are designed to withstand such extreme washing procedures and remain intact.

Also, hospitals ensure that nurses wear clean scrubs everyday in order to minimize the spreading of harmful contaminants.

5. Scrubs Are Comfortable

We’ve seen how the doctors in Grey’s Anatomy were so comfortable in their scrubs. This is because scrubs resemble pyjamas and are offer extreme comfort. They also have a lot of pocket space which helps the doctors and nurses carry a lot of things. Moreover, there are varieties of comfortable and fashionable medical scrubs available online on Daily Scrubs.

Scrubs are also cheaper and easily accessible. They suit all body shapes and sizes and help the healthcare staff perform their jobs better. They are also less intimidating. It is always less scarier to see scrubs covered in blood than normal clothing.

Scrubs offer protection against germs and bacteria and prevent infections from spreading. In hospitals where there are a lot of patients and also a lot of infectious agents present, it is absolutely necessary to wear scrubs to protect both the patients and the doctors and nurses from unnecessary harm. 

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Why Medical Scrubs Are Absolutely Necessary?

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